Golf Bunker Rake Reimagined

B-Rake - A simple addition to the Rake will change the way we rake bunkers…Forever!

A complete re-design of the bunker rake, the B-Rake is equipped with shark teeth-like tines that groom sand effortlessly without pulling sand to the bunker edges as your average bunker rake does. An innovative, trailing polymer brush leaves the sand for a smooth playing surface in the middle. We hope the B -Rake brings back some enthusiasm to the etiquette of raking your bunker and leaving them better for the next player!

Delivery Starting Early August


  1.  New 1 1/2 “ Shark teeth style tines
  2. First of its kind 3 “ bristle brush permanently attached. 
  3. Light weight & durably engineered 
  4. 20 inch width


    1.  Cuts through the sand while not pulling sand
    2. The brush leaves a smooth playing surface, no more claw marks or furrows 
    3. Allows the everyday player to leave the sand better for the next player
    4. The brush can be used for faces
    5. Will keep bunkers playable and aesthetically kept. 
“The problem isn’t the current bunker Rake, it’s how the rake is used. Most people use a pulling motion, the B-Rake will will now make that OK, Raking wrong will now be right”
Eby Dobson
Eby Dobson

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"The new B-Rake eliminates clumps and ridges from the sand trap/bunker raking process and provides a perfectly groomed surface every time. It is simple but brilliant and we are thrilled to be able to improve the quality and playability of our bunkers with this great product."
Ted Axe, General Manager
Ted Axe
General Manager



The shark teeth-like tines groom sand effortlessly keeping more sand in the middle of the bunker.

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 56 × 6 × 6 in
Bundled Quantity 1 Rake, Box of 12 Rakes
Rake Head Width 20-inch
B-Rake - Golf Bunker Rank


The trailing polymer brush whisks the sand to remove furrows or “claw marks” in the sand creating a beautifully smooth playing surface for all players.

Why B-Rake?

It is made with durable trailing polymer brush bristles that create a smooth surface on your sand for a beautifully superior playing experience. Slimmer tine construction that leaves more sand in the middle of the bunker for a better playing surface versus pulling sand to bunker edges, leaving furrows or “claw marks” that affect playability. A 20-inch head with re-engineered tine teeth at 1 1/2 inches make it perfect for more compact bunker sand. Can fit multiple fiberglass rake handles for easy flexibility in switching out handle lengths Best new value rakes out there matching quality with price against other competition.


Bunker Rake Poles

Bunker Rake Handles

ParWest has highest quality rake handles and combine perfectly with our complete line of rake heads.

PROTECT HANDLES – The ProTect rake handle is extra-durable and splinter free. You get all the strength you’d expect from traditional fiberglass handles, and more. This is our Most Popular Handle. Honeycomb Handles – Fiberglass Honeycomb handle offers greater strength with an inner core that prevents breaking. Aluminum Handles – Powder Coated Aluminum for a non-fiberglass option. Lightweight yet strong. Available in green or brown. Packaged in Boxes of 25

B-Rake heads will fit and match all your existing handle options or choose new options below.

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