B-Rake Bunker Rake (Box of 12)

  • 20-inch Rake heads ONLY – handles sold separately 
  • Ships in boxes of 12.



A complete re-design of the bunker rake, The B-Rake is equipped with shark teeth-like tines that groom sand effortlessly without pulling sand to the bunker edges like an average bunker rake. An innovative, trailing polymer brush leaves the sand for a smooth playing surface in the middleNo more shot-altering claw marks in the middle of bunkers! Covid affected Golf in many ways. It brought people out to play in droves. Bunkers and how they were maintained were greatly affected as golf removed them. Players didn’t have to rake at all. We hope the B -Rake can bring some enthusiasm to the etiquette of raking your bunker. Leave them better for the next player! We understand that golf has asked players to push the sand back into the bunker and cover their tracks, but as many of us know.. they don’t do it!  So, the pure idea behind the B-Rake is.. let’s make a rake that works best when pulling.



  • It is made with durable trailing polymer brush bristles that create a smooth surface on your sand for a beautifully superior playing experience.
  • Slimmer tine construction that leaves more sand in the middle of the bunker for a better playing surface versus pulling sand to bunker edges, leaving furrows or “claw marks” that affect playability.
  • A 20-inch head with re-engineered tine teeth at 1 1/2 inches make it perfect for more compact bunker sand.
  • Can fit multiple fiberglass rake handles for easy flexibility in switching out handle lengths
  • Best new value rakes out there matching quality with price against other competition.
Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 56 × 6 × 6 in
Bundled Quantity Box of 12 Rake Heads – Handles Sold Separately
Rake Head Width 20-inch
Rake Handle Color Hunter Green, Sienna Brown, Silver
Rake Handle Length 54-Inch, 60-Inch, 72-Inch, 96-Inch
Handle Type Fiberglass ProTect, Fiberglass Honeycomb, Aluminum, Gator Grip


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